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Announcing my 2014 Adventure!

image“The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things…” (except I don’t really plan on talking about cabbages or ceiling wax)- I’m officially announcing my 2014 Travel Adventure! The next couple months involve both NEW and familiar destinations  and I could not be more excited to share my itinerary with all of you. I will be leaving mid May and as of now I don’t quite know when I will be returning…

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Reasons to the Thankful

imageI woke up this morning in that slow, lazy, relaxed way you only can when you are sober and workfree. I felt refreshed and rejuvinated, anticipating with pleasure the second of four days off. Opening my blinds the sunshine poured in. enveloping my dark bedroom in a bright cascade of light.  I smiled ( a rare act in the morning- although it is approaching afternoon at this point) , grabbed my fuzzy fleece robe from my desk chair and ambled into the kitchen to make my first cup of joe.

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