Wanderlust: The last six months

IMG_4446Well- my trip has wrapped. I’ve been on the road for six months, travelled to 9 countries, countless cities, and connected with numerous souls along the way. I commenced my journey in a long dreamt of and desired city, the famous Big Apple, to fulfill a life long goal. I concluded the trip by revisiting my past, moulding easily back into my life in Dublin, rejoining my beloved friends, family and workplace, the incomparable Abbey Theatre. In between? Many adventures, to many wonderful new and familiar places, with many cherished friends.

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Must Sees in Morocco

1959384_10100287140067026_8859175340779995000_nMorocco: a sweltering, intimidating, inexpensive, culturally rich country. A place where I recently spent two weeks travelling. And when I say travelling- I mean HEAVY backpack on your back, sweaty under the sun, windy cliff roads, uncomfortable camels, long bus rides, communication difficulties, taxi fare bartering, near car accidents, three hour customs lineups, cold showers, ineffective ferry services, unfathomable time tables, and unexplained layovers.

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