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Theatre Thursday: Bard on the Beach’s Measure for Measure

unnamedNever in my life have I had a more enjoyable and entertaining Shakespeare experience. And that is saying something coming from the theatre world! Bard on the Beach’s Measure for Measure, a musical production, is set in 1900 in New Orleans. In the red light district. With Jazz. And Sex. And Prostitutes. And live music. Am I painting an interesting picture for you? Think Les Mis with a touch of Chicago and Moulin Rouge.  I can guarantee this is one Shakespearean production you will not idly endure…

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Theatre Thursday: Legally Blonde

legally-blonde‘Omg, Omg you Guys!’ Those words will most definitely be in your head when you leave Legally Blonde, The Musical at Theatre Under the Stars- guaranteed. I know- doesn’t sound so appealing right? WRONG. ‘Omg’ this production was ‘legally’ fabulous.  It would not be my typical choice for a musical- girly, silly, commercial, sexist- but as long as you accept all those obvious aspects of the story, you will emerge highly entertained and uplifted.

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