HUG: My 5 star experience

imageAlas, I will be hugging no more. As everything inevitably does in life, this powerful production has concluded. How else am I supposed to start my day now!? ‘HUG,’ by Verity Standen, is a musical interactive performance piece that involved 16 singers travelling from Bristol to Edinburgh and numerous other international performers, such as myself, ¬†getting together. The good news is, in the reality of life outside the fringe, HUG is far from over…

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New York Point of View

imageWell, New York- it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for being a charming and vivacious host this past month, and thank you for revealing your best features and hidden gems. You have invigorated and inspired me, overwhelmed me and seduced me with your endless opportunities and glittering lights. I shall endlessly adore you.

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