Wanderlust: The last six months

IMG_4446Well- my trip has wrapped. I’ve been on the road for six months, travelled to 9 countries, countless cities, and connected with numerous souls along the way. I commenced my journey in a long dreamt of and desired city, the famous Big Apple, to fulfill a life long goal. I concluded the trip by revisiting my past, moulding easily back into my life in Dublin, rejoining my beloved friends, family and workplace, the incomparable Abbey Theatre. In between? Many adventures, to many wonderful new and familiar places, with many cherished friends.


(New York)



There have been panicked moments, epiphanies, stomach clenching laughter, love, beauty in every form, dancing, discoveries, adrenaline fuelled highs, hangovers, artistically satisfying accomplishments, minor injuries, sleepless nights, extensive bus rides, deepening of friendships, miles of walking, sunburns, refreshing showers, swims, excessive amounts of shopping, singing, hugs, tears, sunsets, delectable dinners, reunions, and goodbyes.

IMG_3540 (Montenegro)



 My ever present Wanderlust has temporarily subdued, been satisfied even. I dare to say it has dwindled down into a desire for smaller trips, while maintaining a home base and life. I’m ready to settle in for awhile and to see what life brings. It took a lot of time, failed attempts, research, mixed emotions, changing opinions, frugalness, and excitement planning this trip. And it has been exactly what I needed; it has provided clarity, focus, acceptance, and given me a vision going forward. I can’t wait to see it through.





Countries Visited: 9

Books Read: 15

One Act Plays Written: 3.5

Plays seen: 41

Flights Taken: 10

Trains taken: 4

Hostels stayed in: 26

Nights slept outdoors: 3

Friends travelled with: 6

Camels Ridden: 4

Car Accidents: 1

Bags Stolen: 1

Scarves purchased: 6

Earrings purchased: 8

Pairs of shoes thrown away: 3

Beaches visited: 11

Tapas eaten: 26

Port sampled: 19

Packages posted home: 4





It has not been perfect. But there have been so many perfect moments. 




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One thought on “Wanderlust: The last six months

  1. James Barnes

    Best post of yours yet!!!

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