Edinburgh Fringe Festival Reviews Part 1

20140806-183709-67029478.jpgAs a ThreeWeeks reviewer for the Edinburgh fringe festival with a minimum commitment to review 25 shows in two weeks (as well as performing in a show: Hug), you could say life has been pretty hectic these past few days! Wonderfully hectic however I would say. Here are some of my reviews so far from the infamous festival…

ED2014 Theatre Review: Animal Farm

The allegorical story of George Orwell’s Animal Farm needs no telling, but the Edinburgh fringe production of it definitely needs seeing. This world premiere is performed by the prominent Georgian theatre company Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre in their native language (with English subtitles). Using Georgian music and dance elements, the large ensemble exhibit the various individual animal characters, emitting realistic sounds and stylized movements. Set against an almost bare stage containing just hay bales and a signpost, the production follows Orwell’s original story closely. An especially relevant production for the company knowing that Georgia was Joseph Stalin’s birth country. Powerful music and performances culminate in a beautiful and grasping piece of physical theatre.

Assembly George Square until August 24
tw rating 5/5 [Keara Barnes]

ED2014 Musicals Review: Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

In a galaxy far far away…Space Vixens reign supreme. It is a world of sex and disco, of murder and sling backs, governed by women and set at Saucy Jack’s. This science fiction space musical is a return to the fringe with several West End runs under its glitter belt. Performed with vigour by the youthfully energetic cast, the production is flashy, camp, and sexually explicit. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Austin Powers. In space. Though slow at the start and a bit lengthy, the production ultimately succeeds in engaging due to the talented and enthusiastic ensemble. An entertaining, outlandish, and immersive experience; be prepared for extraterrestrial beings in your face.

Just the Tonic @ The Caves, until Aug 24
tw rating 4/5 [Keara Barnes]

ED2014 Comedy Review: Lucy Porter

Do you know what a bedside beaker is used for? Go find out from Lucy Porter. Appearing in her tenth solo show, she has a fond festival following, resulting here in a very full house. Porter manages to be simultaneously charming, relaxed, and self-deprecating (all extremely desirable traits for a comedian!) and it all contributes to a natural and entertaining production. Recounting humorous stories from her life with animation and affection, her various impressions really bring the past to life. Though perhaps a bit rushed at the end and lacking in those side-splitting moments, this is a smooth, continuously engaging performance. With enjoyment guaranteed, Lucy Porter is that woman you just want to be friends with.

The Stand, until 10 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 [Keara Barnes]

ED Musicals Review: Riptide: The Slasher Musical

It’s Scooby Doo meets Scream meets Baywatch; A group of 20 something’s embark on the spring break of a lifetime, each with a different objective in mind. Heading to a secluded beach cabin with the aim to party themselves into oblivion, the characters slowly get picked off one by one. The production is reminiscent of the majority of 90’s horror films- predictable, over sexualised, and bloody. Overall it is an entertaining musical with some catchy tunes and stellar performances. It is also completely over the top with no substance whatsoever; This is a production to attend if you simply want some silly, sexy, outrageous entertainment. A ‘certain type of crowd’ pleaser.

Sweet Grassmarket until Aug 24
tw rating 3/5 [Keara Barnes]

ED Theatre Review: Simply the West

A humorously told tragic tale, Cosmic Biscuit’s ‘Simply the West’ is an amusing, well performed production. Three physical theatre graduates of St.Mary’s university make up most of the all women ensemble, their chemistry and kinship evidently displayed onstage. Using puppetry and clowning, the story of a girl attempting to cross the Berlin Wall is enacted, the audience meeting the various characters she encounters along the way. The production is full of laughter and charm and is intimate in space; the actors make eye contact and speak to the audience directly. I would have liked to see the production developed more fully with a longer, more complex storyline; the ending was far too abrupt. A charismatic company that I would like to see more from in the future.

The Space @ Jury’s inn until Aug 23
tw rating 3/5 [Keara Barnes]

stay tuned for more!

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