Announcing My Edinburgh News!

imageSooo- i’m pretty stoked: My plans have FINALLY been confirmed for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…and I am going to be one busy lady. Currently- I am one extremely excited lady! This will be my second time attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world, and boy will it be a different experience from my first visit….

My first visit to the fringe was wonderful- I went with my mum and we had a lovely mother daughter trip; we stayed in a comfortable bed and breakfast (with the largest bed I have ever seen in my life), saw multiple shows a day, enjoyed lovely meals, and took in all the tourist sights. This trip? Only one similarity will occur-I will again be seeing multiple shows a day (sure how could you not!?)

This time round I will be staying in a hostel, enjoying the cheapest food I can find, and seeing barely any tourist sights- I simple won’t have the time! This year I will be taking a much more active role in the festival.

I will be both performing in and reviewing this years festival.

I have recently received confirmation that I have officially been hired as an Edinburgh festival reviewer by ThreeWeeks Magazine. ThreeWeeks Magazine is the longest established magazine at the Edinburgh Festival, with over half a million readers each August. My responsibility through this position is to review a total of 25 productions. Seeing as I will be in Edinburgh for just two weeks I don’t forsee a single day off!

Simultaneously to reviewing, I will be performing with a Bristol based theatre company in their production titled ‘Hug,’ a musical audience interactive production, running from August 7th-17th. I will be arriving on August 2nd, with rehearsals commencing on the 3rd, giving us just 4 days to put the show together- bring it on!


I will be posting some of my reviews on here (not all 25 as I don’t want to overload my blog!), so keep an eye out for them. As always- suggestions welcome! Suggestions regarding shows, good coffee shops (as I will need a good place to cosy up to write), good bars (looking forward to a slightly more social experience this time round), and anything else worth checking out in Edinburgh.

In closing- as I’ve been writing this I’ve been watching the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. Cannot think of a better way to get me excited for my Scotland experience. I’m already looking into trips around the highlands after the festival is over. Did you know the scots invented the fridge? Man- what a country.


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4 thoughts on “Announcing My Edinburgh News!

  1. Susie and Rob Ruttan

    Wow! Congrats, Keara, that’s amazing. Well done. Have fun ! Susie

    Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 14:53:29 +0000 To:

  2. Marietta

    Keara! This is amazing news! If I was in the UK for the summer I’d come over (I love Edinburgh) but I’m heading back to Vancouver for a few weeks. I hope you have an wonderful time and a great experience!

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