New York Point of View

imageWell, New York- it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for being a charming and vivacious host this past month, and thank you for revealing your best features and hidden gems. You have invigorated and inspired me, overwhelmed me and seduced me with your endless opportunities and glittering lights. I shall endlessly adore you.

I was apprehensive prior to arrival, anxious about my living situation (which consisted of four different apartments throughout the month), stressed about my safety, fretful over my limited budget, and concerned about being a tiny blimp on the radar in this endless expanse of a city. Thankfully none of my worries were justified, as, ever grateful for this recurring theme, things managed to work out perfectly fine.


(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ichikawa Jenkins)

I am indebted to some lovely hosts, among them family and friends, for graciously offering me a bed. My safety was a non concern, for never once (ok maybe ONCE) did I feel uneasy or at risk. In regards to my spending, miraculously I managed to go under budget (how often does that happen!?). Lastly, when it comes to feeling insignificant, overwhelmed and lost in this towering town, my fears were vanquished by the surprising occurrences of running into the few people I knew throughout the city and furthermore being mistaken for a New Yorker on a number of occasions. Success!


(Photo courtesy of Jonathan Ichikawa Jenkins)

Preconceived notions can be alarmingly false sometimes, proven wrong in an instant or over a short period. I’m glad to say mine certainly were. New York both surprised me and met by expectations exactly. Its portrayal in stories so often eludes a certain image which is hard to not hold onto. This image, a glamorous, dangerous, fast paced metropolitan, is the one I had always imagined. I’m thankful to have had sufficient time in the city to explore, experience, and form my own opinion.


The highlight of my time in New York were my studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. I feel educated and developed in both technique and confidence from my participation in the varied classes and rehearsals, and feel extremely motivated to continue to develop. I was furthermore fortunate enough to watch multiple lectures and demonstrations of Lee Strasberg himself on the development and application of various exercises in Method Acting, and on play/rehearsal development itself, and feel thankful and inspired to have had such a rare educational opportunity.


My classmates were wonderfully varied, having hailed from Australia, England, Mexico, And Germany. Many wonderful moments were shared amongst ourselves, vulnerable and emotional experiences that connected us and inspired appreciation for the talents of our colleagues. I am thankful to have met all of them and cannot wait to see what wonderful work they produce in the future!

I have likewise been inspired by the theatre scene in New York- perhaps my biggest motivation for going in the first place. I was fortunate enough to have seen four broadway shows, one off Broadway show, and two off off broadway shows. All were invigorating, entertaining, and performed beautifully by an extensive range of talented actors. It would be my biggest wish to go back to New York for a limited period and do nothing but attend theatre all day every day- an emerging artist can learn a great deal from the work being produced there.


Apart from attending theatre all day every day I have a hankering to experience the hospitality industry more extensively. New York is filled to the brim with restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and lounges and there simply isn’t the time (or money) to see them all- ever. But I should like to see as many as I can! Many wild nights were had in that city that never sleeps- most with my comrad ‘Bob’ as she was fondly nicknamed. Thanks Bob for all the good times- I will miss our amazing nightly adventures.


As for the day adventures- these were plentiful as well; I took full advantage of being a tourist with a longer stay in the city than most, and was fortunate to have been able to see most of the famous, and some not so famous, attractions. I enjoyed exploring as much as was possible and was surprised to find many activities were extremely affordable. I learned it is most definitely possible to do New York on the cheap- Post on this coming soon!

New York- Thank you. I will miss you but I assure you I will be back again- for once you’ve had a taste, you remain hungry for more.

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One thought on “New York Point of View

  1. Claire Fox

    Keara, Great article on your experiences in NY. Look forward to sharing another visit with you sometime.

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