Announcing my 2014 Adventure!

image“The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things…” (except I don’t really plan on talking about cabbages or ceiling wax)- I’m officially announcing my 2014 Travel Adventure! The next couple months involve both NEW and familiar destinations  and I could not be more excited to share my itinerary with all of you. I will be leaving mid May and as of now I don’t quite know when I will be returning…

 1) USA

Broadway-New-York FIRST STOP: PORTLAND Myself and my lovely friend Lynsey will be road tripping it to Portland for a couple days;  We plan on drinking lots of craft beer, shopping, biking, and bookstoring it up. Did you know Portland is home to the world’s largest bookstore? And that it has tax-free shopping? You can see why it makes for a popular tourist destination!

(FLIGHT TIP- as a bonus it is a HELL of a lot cheaper to fly to NYC than from Vancouver! My flight cost just $150 to fly to JFK from PDX, as opposed to a $600 flight direct from YVR to JFK. Definitely something to consider when travel planning!)

SECOND STOP: NEW YORK CITY.  I’m thrilled to announce I have been accepted to the 2014 Spring Intensive at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute! I will be taking their spring intensive method acting course for one month; It has always been a dream of mine to study acting in New York so I’m absolutely ecstatic to be making that dream come true. While studying, I will also be volunteering with MCC Theatre‘s George Washington Youth Company on their upcoming production of  ‘Uncensored.’ Working with theatre-in-education is also a major passion of mine and I can’t wait to get to know all the students and gain some great hands on experience. It has been a lifelong dream to work in theatre in New York and I plan on immersing myself in it fully. Hello BROADWAY!



 FIRST STOP: HERCEG NOVI. After New York, I will be flying to Montenegro to meet up with my SEA travel buddy Amy. We will be starting in Herceg Novi and then heading who knows where! We have a couple other cities in mind we are planning to see when visiting Montenegro, but we don’t have too much of an itinerary at this point. As we will only have about 5 days though we sadly won’t be able to see as much as we would like.

Cities that are on our list so far include Budva, Kotor, and Perast. I would be amazed if we fit all them in! Suggestions?





 FIRST STOP: DUBROVNIK. From Montenegro, we will be travelling to Dubrovnik and spending a couple days there. Dubrovnik is one of those cities that seems to please every traveller; rich in history, beauty and location, it offers something for the history buff and the beach bum. I definitely have both sides in me and am excited to satisfy both.

After Dubrovnik we will be heading North in our travels of Croatia, stopping off at Hvar, Split, Zadar, Pag, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and flying out of Pula.

( FLIGHT TIP- The cheapest flight I found from JFK to Dubrovnik was with Norweigan Air Shuttle- $600! My flight out of Croatia, from Pula, to Dublin I booked with Aer Lingus for $200.00! Pula seems to be, from my research, a cheaper destination to fly to western europe from than the bigger major hub in Croatia of Zagreb)



Clifden-Castle-County-Galway-IrelandFIRST STOP: DUBLIN. Following Croatia I will be landing in Dublin and spending a glorious three weeks in Ireland. It will have been a year and a half since I moved to Vancouver after living abroad in Dublin when I return in July 2014. It was a heartbreaking decision to make at the time and it has taken a long time to adjust to living back in Vancouver. Hell- I’m still adjusting! I still miss Dublin every day so I’m very looking forward to a blast from the past when I revisit this summer. Spending time with loved ones, having the ‘craic’ and drinking pints in cosy pubs; the memories are already stirring my heartstrings… I definitely plan to visit My Favourite Places in Dublin including my favourite place of all, The Abbey Theatre

I will also be visiting Sligo, Donneygal, Arklow, and Westmeath and staying in a castle hotel!





 FIRST STOP: LONDON. I will be flying to London during the last week of July to meet up with my bestie Gemma and we will be travelling to the seaside town of Selsey for a few relaxing days with her family. We will then be making our way north through England, stopping off in Newcastle along the way, en route to Scotland!

I will be returning later in the summer, during the last week of August to England, to spend further time with family in Sussex, Bristol, and London. ( After all-You can never get enough of London!)



Edinburgh_Festival_Fringe,_2011FIRST STOP: EDINBURGH. Gemma and I will be roadtripping it through the scottish highlands with our first and final destination being the infamous Edinburgh. Some cities we plan on visiting more north of Edinburgh include Stirling, St.Andrews, The Isle of May, and Stonehaven.

Following our travels, I will be taking root in Edinburgh for two weeks. Edinburgh is home to the world’s oldest and largest arts festival and this will be my second time attending the festival. I’m SO excited to spend an immersive and inspiring two weeks surrounded by the arts. My cousin Faye will be performing in a production there, as well as my talented friends at the Page Theatre, so I look forward to seeing their shows and spending time with them!

I also have some creative plans in the works regarding being involved in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival that I am not quite ready to announce yet but stay tuned!



morocco_1280_vwrru93rzFIRST STOP: MARRAKECH. Following Edinburgh I will be flying to Marrakech on September 1st with my awesome friend Megan! This will be my first time on the African continent and I am thrilled to be venturing to a new exciting destination. Our plans are fairly loose while in Morocco but we are leaving ourselves a good 10 days to explore the cities, deserts and beaches!

Cities on our list include Fez and Casablanca so far- as well as a three day camping trip in the Sahara Desert. More recommendations welcome!


(FLIGHT TIP: My flight from London Stansted direct to Marrakech cost a mere $100 with Easy Jet! Who knew it could be so affordable to fly from one continent to another…)




IMG_5555FIRST STOP: WHO KNOWS? Megan and I have yet to plan our Portugal trip and are still researching places we want to see. We plan on travelling North from Marrakech to Portugal so our first stop will be in the south somewhere.

So far the list includes Lisbon and Porto and we are welcome to any and all recommendations! We have a more “off the beaten track” kind of travel attitude and are hoping to make it to some lesser known places and smaller towns. 




barcelona-spain-1920x1080FIRST STOP:WHO KNOWS? Following Portugal we plan on heading South East and ultimately finishing up in Barcelona.

Cities we are interested in visiting include Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, and perhaps Salamanca. 

What I DO know for sure at this point is that I plan on doing a lot of salsa dancing, drinking sangria, and eating tapas! I’m SO excited to visit Spain- it has been on my bucket list for many years- and I’m thrilled to finally have the opportunity to explore the country.




images (1)

Prague, Poland, Serbia, Back to Dublin or New York are all major possibilities at this point and I have no idea where I will be come October! Keep checking back for updates as I figure out my future plans…




Well folks- that is my 2014 Adventure in a nutshell! As always- Suggestions welcome! If you know of hidden gems or breathtaking spots in any of the above mentioned places feel free to share and recommend. Thanks as always for following traveltheatrics and I look forward to getting back on the road and writing posts and sharing pictures. Here’s to the next adventure…

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