The Seafarer: See Worthy Indeed!

13-SEA-Page-WebThe seafarer is one of those rare and mesmerizing artistic experiences that made me fall in love with theatre all over again. A truly fantastic production will do that to a person (who is so inclined) and those productions can sometimes be far and few between. I had complete and total tunnel vision while watching it, utterly immersed in the moment and simultaneously, with each moment passing, appreciating so completely all the intertwining facets of the production that made it so outstanding; the acting, the writing, the directing, the set and sound design…I still have not been able to shake it two days later, scenes and visions constantly flashing forward in my mind. It is a glorious feeling, not being able to stop thinking about a play, to have enjoyed something so completely that you can’t, or won’t, let go of it right away….

It was a bit of a personal experience for me; having lived in Dublin for the past three years, I am very familiar with and passionate about Irish theatre. I was lucky enough to attend the Irish premiere of the Seafarer back in 2008, at the Abbey Theatre, the National Theatre of Ireland, where I was also extremely fortunate to have worked. The opening night of The Seafarer is one I can clearly recollect, and I was thus thrilled to see it being produced in Vancouver, elated at having a second chance to see it in such a different setting.

Christmas. 5 Irish Men. Alcohol indulgence. A deadly Poker Game. The Devil.

Cryptic enough for you? The plot line is certainly an intriguing one. The writing exceeds expectations and offers many laugh out loud moments along with ones of breathtaking intensity. The acting is exceptional, the casting faultless, and every other facet of Pacific Theatre’s production has been similarly produced with exemption. Without a doubt-it is the best production I have seen in 2014.

This is a heartfelt message to the Vancouver theatre goers- go and see this play and experience something artistically inspiring.

The Seafarer plays at Pacific Theatre until March 29th

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