A Snug Night In = Success

IMG_0206Well- it’s officially been a week since the event- and we think its safe to say that ‘A Snug Night In’ was a roaring success! Our cosy celtic celebration featured storytellers and singers from all across the lower mainland- and an audience to match. Over 80 people showed up to celebrate with us and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our premiere event as a company. Want to know what its like to plan and organize your first event? A LOT of panicked emails, late night breakthrough brainstorms, and coffee…to say the least…

The day started off well, with the downpour of the previous day ceasing and the lovely sun emerging- at least now we woudn’t  have to worry about the weather impeding people’s travel plans! We got to the venue early and took our time in setting up, doing sound checks and even having a sneaky pint of guinness to, you know…settle our nerves. Everything was going well and we were on schedule at 2:00pm when the doors opened- all that was left do was to greet the hordes of people expected to be imminently arriving. Um…the only problem? No one had arrived.

IMG_0184 (2)

The only people that were there the performers. And our parents. Perfect. Just perfect. Over the next 45 minutes approximately four people tricked in, most of them invited friends. The place was looking wonderful, the stew was heating up, the bread was ready to be buttered, the bar was fully stocked…with nobody to serve.


I proceeded at that point to have a minor anxiety attack, which I helped suppress by doing some laps of the venue; ie running up and down the stairs to the main floor to check if people were arriving and if I could point them in the right direction. However-  there weren’t a lot of people to point in the right direction (*bursts into tears). I went upstairs and began pacing back and forth in the kitchen, trying to practice my story but really convincing myself we weren’t total failures if nobody turned up. That took up a good 15 minutes of my time and when I emerged into the main room, lo and behold, there were about 40 people milling around! OMG. YES! I checked the clock: ten minutes to go…


People just kept on coming! There was even a line up to get in at one point! Ok. Panic Over. The ‘symbolic’ clouds parted, a smile appeared on my face and I felt relief wash over me. Thank god. We are not failures! Yet…Omg. What if I f*ck up my story? There’s so many people here! The panic returned in the form of performance nerves.  God- there’s just no pleasing some people eh!?I know readers out there can relate though- that great feeling of having a full house- and the ensuing panicked nerves due to that very fact. Sigh…the life of a performing artist..

The three of us regrouped and decided to hold the start time for another 10 minutes while the latecomers took their seats- oh and headed to the bar. How did I not expect this to happen- were hosting a celtic event so HENCE there will be celts there! Those people who are oh-so-relaxed with start times and love a good drink! Gotta love em:)  Joe then took to the stage, our resident MC for the night, and we were off!


All of the performers did wonderfully and Joe varied the line up perfectly. From personal stories, to fairytales, to laments, duos and improvised celtic rap- I was so proud and impressed by our wonderful and talented line up, featuring Joe Hinks, Eric O’Connor, Connor Rutherford, Melissa Barton, Philomena Jordan, Mary Gavan…and I think I was in there somewhere…






The event went off without a hitch and we could not have asked for a better crowd. The relief of feeling that you actually pulled it off successfully? Priceless! It was such a different experience from what I’m used to; normally i’m focusing on my own performance, revving myself up and simultaneously calming myself down pre-show. My own performance in this event was the least of my worries, the biggest of which being that people wouldn’t come, and the most realistic of which being that everything goes smoothly and we are represented in the best possible way we can be for our debut event. Mission: Accomplished.

Thank you to everyone who came and showed your support- and for your donations- we are putting them towards our first production of 2015- be on the look out this time next year for Standing Room Only Theatre’s premiere production! Who knows…it might even be an irish one…!?



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