Theatre Thursday: Christmas with the Christmas Queen is like cheese…

download (1)Christmas with the Christmas Queen is like cheese…it tastes good no matter how you spread it…

Ok so maybe were not all meant to be improv artists! Well…at least not me. I can certainly appreciate other doing it however and appreciate I did! I recently attended a cheese filled Christmas (don’t the two go so nicely together!?) show at Vancouver’s TheatreSports. A newly devised Christmas production based entirely on an audience suggested fairytale, the actors perform an improvised story centering around the star character of the ‘evil’ Christmas Queen.

The Pantomime like production is a perfect holiday show for those of you looking for a laugh during the pre-holiday season. It features some personal theatresports favourites, such as Denise Jones, Scott Patey and Ken Lawson, and adds a holiday twist to the usual set, music and costumes seen onstage.

I often feel tense while watching improv, as if I were onstage and need to come up with a quick and clever remark. Does everyone else feel this way? Perhaps it’s just the actor in me fearing that terrible moment when you have no idea what the next line out of your mouth is going to be…except that this is exactly what these guys excel at.

If you like a little bit of cheese with your Christmas (who doesn’t!), or simply just want a good laugh, treat yourself to a night of theatresports.

Christmas with the Christmas Queen is like cheese…you just can’t get enough!

Disclaimer: As a theatre blogger for GVPTA, my ticket was provided free of charge to this production. That being said, opinions and statements made are my own. This is not a review, but a post meant to promote discussion  within the Vancouver Theatre Community. GVPTA supports its member companies.  

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