My Zombie Experience on Death Island

unnamedIt started with an email. The zombies attacked the base and chewed through the phone lines- luckily they were able to get brief satellite reception and email me the details of where my mission would commence. I was tense, nervous, excited. I even watched a couple episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ to prepare myself…

I showed up to the mission start location- top secret of course- and spoke the code to the team leader. I was in. We assembled upstairs, unbeknowst to the surrounding civilians. Our team leader gave us clear, concise directions in a commanding tone. We were ready to enter the field.

It started off with the top secret viewing of one.  An actual zombie. Near death ( well, aren’t they all?) it was tightly secured, weak, in distress. We witnessed another one they had captured- penned up in a cage, confused and angry. I was amazed at the scientific developments they have made- they have actually come up with ways to control the walkers…sort of.

We were ushered out quickly with the news that a fellow sergeant had been taken and needed rescuing. We were directed towards vehicles that drove us away from the camp and towards the unknown. We were officially on a rescue mission. We identified his location and sped off in his direction, the cold fall air whipping our faces and sending a certain chill down our spines.

We spotted his location just across the water. Surrounded by walkers….shit. We had to create a distraction of some sort;  we managed to cross over and attempted to distract the zombies with loud noises, freeing the sergeant and turning the walkers in our direction….It was time to run!

Messages, clues, characters introduced at every step of the way. Running, walking, huddling in fear as we desperately tried to navigate.  Time running out. Coming into extremely close contact with the walkers. We escaped-just.

I cannot tell you how the mission concluded- whether or not we were successful. I guess you will find out in time…let’s just say for now to keep your eyes and ears open when out in public. If you spot one- eyes wide, snarling, blood covered- all I can say is… run. There may be more out there. They are spreading. It’s going to be harder to escape then. So what can you do to survive?

Sign up for your own mission to ‘The Zombie Syndrome: On Death Island’ and assist in stopping this universal zombie plague from taking over. Trust me-we need all the help we can get….after all- It’s for your own good.

The Zombie Syndrome runs until November 3rd. Location: Top Secret.

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