Reasons to the Thankful

imageI woke up this morning in that slow, lazy, relaxed way you only can when you are sober and workfree. I felt refreshed and rejuvinated, anticipating with pleasure the second of four days off. Opening my blinds the sunshine poured in. enveloping my dark bedroom in a bright cascade of light.  I smiled ( a rare act in the morning- although it is approaching afternoon at this point) , grabbed my fuzzy fleece robe from my desk chair and ambled into the kitchen to make my first cup of joe.

I decided to come outside, where I now sit on the grass, a blanket spread below me, the sunshine warming my face and chest. I feel happy. I feel thankful. And what better way to be on this most thankful of weekends? I sit still for a few moments, letting the sunshine seep into my skin, the vitamin D drenching my cells and endorphins flooding through my systm. It’s wonderful how sunshine, especially after a slight depravation of it, can invigorate you in such an inspiring way isn’t it?
Scattered multicoloured leaves surround me, the crunching sounds emanating from all sides as people pass though. They fall like clockwork from the surrounding trees, soaring gracefully in perfect arcs towards the ground. I love fall. The shifting of the seasons from summer to autumn is my favourite time of year. New beginnings, fabulous clothes, weather just right, anticipation building for the various coming holidays, spirits are high- it’s a wondrful time. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas- they are all ahead.
I feel always so inately inspired in nature- perhaps that is why I often venture outdoors to relax, write and reflect. I mean when you catch a perfect day as today- warm, cloudless, peaceful- it’s hard to dwell on your problems.
Worries however, are always there. Always lurking, always looking to seep into the forefront like small spores. In everyone. Worries, stresses, anxieties…On a weekend to give thanks though it is the oportune time to push them from one’s mind- focusing instad on all positive aspects of life. Indeed there are so many positive things to be thankful for- It is unfathomable to imagine how we are so lucky living where we are and how we do when there are so many others suffering daily.
This is my first Canadian thanksgiving in three years- and I am damn thankful for that. For the opportunity to take a moment and be thankful. For my family and friends I am spending it with. And the food. Oh- the food.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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