The Hollow, A Love Story

imagesThe first time I saw your audition posting I knew I had to have you. I felt the tiny tinglings of desire, the familiar tug on my heart strings. I longed for you, I pursued you, and now I have you…but I am in no way finished with you…

In fact, I am just getting started with you; our relationship is in its first throes of romance, the honeymoon stage, a constant high. We haven’t said I love you yet but I can tell the moment is close.

Recently though I have sensed some slight clashing, a temporary ebb and flow of rhythm. You can be all consuming at times and it is hard to constantly and completely satisfy your needs. I nevertheless always attempt my best, trustingly pouring my body and soul into you with the blind faith of a woman’s expression of passion, for the pure, simple sensation of loving you.

Our relationship has recently reached a new level; You have finally taken me home, our endless string of rehearsed dates culminating in the anticipated journey to your place. It really is quite a lovely place if I do say so myself. I was given a tour and told to make myself at home- after all I will be here nearly every night. You even gave me a drawer to put my role playing costumes in- cheers for that.

It’s clear our relationship is reaching new heights, our commitment to each other will be put to the test in a matter of days. We will be coming out in public, proclaiming our love, our infinite connection, proudly displaying how inextricably linked we are, as if we are one person, one character. We will be broadcasting to our friends and family, the community, our fellow characters. We have invited them all to view this showcase and attend the party later this week- I am anxiously excited to display this to the world, hoping we are well received and accepted by all.

I do know however, at the bottom of my heart, that this is only a temporary fling, you are only one in a procession of romances I will undertake in my life. I know there will be others but I will always remember you, a warm fondness will remain for you always in my mind, you will be a part of my past, you have stirred my fluttering heart and enveloped me in an evanescent ecstasy which I will never forget.

Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow‘ Plays at the Metro Theatre from September 28th-October 26th.

I will be playing the character of Midge Harvey.  Come Check it out!

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2 thoughts on “The Hollow, A Love Story

  1. JimB

    Very cool entry! I just finished being Shep in Bell Book & Candle at the Metro – and I’m in the travel business. This is my kinda blog! Hope to catch the Hollow during your run – all the best! ~JIM

    • Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m sorry I missed that show I heard great things! Are you in anything else coming up? Hope to see you at The Hollow sometime soon and look forward to meeting you!


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