Fringe Mania: Radio 30

radio_30-250x249Ever have one of those days?  Ever wonder…why? Maybe you got out on the wrong side of the bed… maybe it’s in the stars… or maybe…it’s just bad karma. I think those lines will forever be etched in my mind. I think anyone who sees Radio: 30 at the Vancouver Fringe Festival will agree…

An extremely interesting concept for a live theatre production, Radio: 30 centres around a successful and well known radio talent in the midst of filming yet another voice over commercial. A charismatic and confident fellow, he warmly chats with the audience in between takes. Aspects of his past- friends, early career, and relationships are revealed through these engagements with the audience, bringing us up until the very moment he is on stage.

And what an interesting moment it is…at the top of his game, satisfied with his status, confident in his skill, secure in his circle…only to slowly unravel in a hilariously dramatic breakdown on air. It is a slow process, realistic in its early struggles only to have the paranoia and doubt flood quickly in, like a cold breath on the back of your neck. After all- it’s all about controlling your breath on air right?

It demonstrates the idea that everyone is replaceable- in a mere instant. Perhaps some more than others, and arguably in certain careers more than others, however the concrete fact still remains. It lurks at the back of all our minds. A little voice in your head that seems to come from some place high above (a control box, as shown in the show, perhaps?), someone you recognize but has no face, feeding insecurity with every word and causing catastrophic consequences.

You are never the same once you give into this voice. You must make a constant effort to push it away, silence it and scare it off. Chris Earle effectively demonstrates two men, at similar stances in their careers, who give into this voice and essentially fall to pieces during a 30 second radio ad. For once you’ve lost your confidence little else remains but the cracked fragments that are unsteadily holding your shaking self together.

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