Fringe Mania: UnPossible! Why I love Magic Shows

13PMP8I Love Magic Shows. They bring me back to my childhood, to a time where magic is real and otherworldly possibilities exist. That’s why whenever I have the chance, be it as part of a theatre festival, a local demonstration, or an internationally acclaimed show passing through town, I always jump at the chance to attend one.

There was no exception made to the current Vancouver Fringe Festival Production of ‘Unpossible’ playing at Granville Island’s Waterfront Theatre. Performed by Travis Bernhardt and lasting one hour, the show involved a great deal of audience participation, subtle sound and lighting effects, and, of course, magic.

Travis is an excellent host, speaking warmly, humourously, and self-depricatingly to the audience, while at the same time boosting our enthusiasm for his tricks and engaging our concentration. He is funny, soft spoken and sarcastic, all amounting to a wonderful and interesting host.

As requested at the end of the show by Travis himself, I cannot reveal what events took place inside that room. I can say there were the usual occurrences- cards, balls, disappearing acts, even mind reading. The grand finale of the show however, involving tricks that occurred throughout the show- was mind blowing.

As Travis himself said- the finale of the show all hinges on just the right type of person from the audience selected to participate.

Who knows- it might be you…

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