Theatre Thursday: Teenagers and Hamlet

HamletCarousel Theatre’s Teen Shakespeare Program involves teenagers performing Hamlet, gender role reversals, and a beautiful out door setting. Oh and did I mention its free? Well it is!

I’ve been volunteering with this children’s theatre company for a couple sessions now and enjoy each time being surrounded not only by the youthful energy of the performers but also by the accepting and encouraging audience that attends. A plethora of supporting friends and families, community theatre going families and out of towners have been turning up each night, all of them friendly and equally enthusiastic about the talented performances taking place on stage.

It’s wonderful to see the crowds that are showing up, not only to gratify the students hard work, but to furthermore acknowledge and support the work of a wonderful theatre company in Vancouver, whose reputation of creating theatre for young audiences is unrivaled and vastly important in our arts community. Creating theatre for youth is something I am extremely passionate about and is an area I am striving to work towards in my future career.

To offer opportunities to children to not only witness but get involved in the theatre helps to promote imagination and empathy from a young age, allowing them to express themselves creatively and aid in their emotional development. It aids in confidence building and sensitivity to others and is a fun way for them to spend their time, learn about themselves and others, and feel part of belonging to a group. I could go on about all the benefits of introducing youth to theatre if for no other reason than to create lifelong theatre goers!

I urge you to check out Carousel Theatre’s Teen Shakespeare Program and support this wonderful organization and their impressive production. Why not spend a lovely evening enjoying the sunshine in beautiful Granville Island- It makes for a perfect family night out and an inexpensive one at that!

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