Theatre Thursday: Legally Blonde

legally-blonde‘Omg, Omg you Guys!’ Those words will most definitely be in your head when you leave Legally Blonde, The Musical at Theatre Under the Stars- guaranteed. I know- doesn’t sound so appealing right? WRONG. ‘Omg’ this production was ‘legally’ fabulous.  It would not be my typical choice for a musical- girly, silly, commercial, sexist- but as long as you accept all those obvious aspects of the story, you will emerge highly entertained and uplifted.

Judging by the atmosphere tonight the audience certainly enjoyed themselves! I haven’t been in quite an uplifting theatrical environment, one where people are mingling, laughing and engaging together fully,  for quite some time. Maybe it’s the outdoor setting, the opening night excitement or the fact that we all bonded over the shared use of a pit toilet- but spirits were definitely high tonight (helped somewhat by the peppy cheerleaders onstage perhaps!?)

Classic story- girl gets dumped, girl shows up boy, boy tries to win girl back, girl realizes she no longer wants/needs him.  Except- it’s set at Harvard Law School. The musical is exactly like the movie- except Elle Woods can sing! And what great songs there are; catchy, entertaining and hilarious the songs enhance the story and make you wonder why it wasn’t originally written as a musical. My favourites? “Is He Gay or European” (HILARIOUS…and true to life) and “Ireland” (in which American girls fantasize over romantic Irish boys…. Clearly- they have never been to Ireland).

Theatre under the stars has long been one of the highlights of my year in Vancouver and certainly a summer tradition. And I do think it keeps getting better and better! The performances tonight were incredible, led by Juno Nominee Breanne Arrigo. The many sets were terrific and the venue cannot be beat. Also- bonus (and spoiler alert) an appearance by the cutest dog in the world! Enough said- go and see it and enjoy yourself.

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One thought on “Theatre Thursday: Legally Blonde

  1. James Barnes

    Sounds like a good time!

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