Your Entry Pass to The National Theatre in London

20130619-212650.jpgThis Theatre Thursdays post is going to focus on something I will shortly be too old for: The entry pass scheme to the National Theatre in London. Sadly, as my 26th birthday is looming in just under two weeks (eek!), I will have outgrown this youth directed marketing initiative. But I want YOU to make the most of it. It is single handedly why I have seen some of the best theatre of my life…

Because of this pass I have seen HAMLET starring JUDE LAW. Because of this pass I have seen PHEDRE starring HELEN MIRREN. In the great and culturally rich city of London.  In the National Theatre. For £5.

I’m so unbelievably thrilled to see something like this exist and even more that I actually got to make use of it. I encourage wholeheartedly anyone travelling to London, living there, or even passing through to apply for one. If only every theatre offered similar inexpensive opportunities for young people to attend theatre! Perhaps in a perfect world….


Theatre in education and community engagement with theatre is a huge passion of mine and is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I hope to seek out and advertise opportunities like these to travellers and local communities. Hell I would love to create some community/education/youth initiatives in a theatre myself someday! Drawing in young people and exposing them to theatre early on not only creates potential lifelong customers (from the business side of theatre- they do have to make money to carry on!) but also inspires imagination, focus and empathy in young people’s still developing minds, allowing them an outlet in which to express themselves and a creative community to be a part of.


And it’s not just watching theatre! An entry pass allows you to take part in workshops, talks, backstage tours and special events. I attended some fabulous writing workshops when I lived in London for a summer, as well as talks given by prominent actors, and I even took part in a week long acting devising workshop. Truly- London’s theatre scene is terrific; Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, The West End- the opportunities are endless. As I write this I am actually wondering why on earth I ever left…


So go ahead. Do it. sign up for an entry pass membership ( if you are under 26!) and enjoy all the discounted wonderful theatre you can. And if your over 26? Well you can still enjoy fabulous discounted theatre in London- you might just have to arrive early and line up for a couple hours! But trust me it will be worth it. As one of the two major theatre capitals of the world- it is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Love Theatre. Love London.

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