Vancouver’s TheatreSports

vtsl_logoTheatre. Sports. One might think the two typically might not bode well together but I can assure you in this context, it’s a perfect fit. Comedy, High Paced Action, Drama, Teamwork- Vancouver’s TheatreSports has it all;  a hilariously entertaining show that will leave you cheering on the players one minute and watching in rapt fascination the next…

The greatest thing about it? No two shows are the same!  As I write this it occurs to me that the show I witnessed last night will never occur again. Ever. That’s the beautiful thing about improv isn’t it?  The fact that you are watching a once-in-a-lifetime-never–to-be-repeated production. There’s something very special about that and I love the fact that it is a truly unique experience shared by both audience and actors alike.

Then there’s the bonus of the audience getting to control the show! I mean- how often in your daily life do you get to see people do exactly what you tell them? Or better  yet- willingly act out embarrassing situations you describe. It’s amazingly satisfying to shout out suggestions to people and have them do exactly as you say…

I love the anticipation of improv…that tense moment you feel as an audience member ( in which you are thanking the lord you are not up on that stage!) as the lights dim then brighten and the actors just have to come up with something…I honestly don’t know how they do it- the skill, the flexibility , the bravery, the talent involved in making a successful improv show is just mind blowing. I truly admire the actors who put themselves through it! Do they EVER get mind blanks?!

Crazy competitions, intense challenges, 30 second scenes, and hilarious voice overs are just the start of what you can look forward to at a night at Theatresports.  And the fact that the venue ‘encourages’ you to take drinks into the theatre? Bonus! A fun, family friendly show (the 7:30 performance anyway! – I’ve been told the later shows are not so G-Rated!) you are guaranteed a great atmosphere and if your lucky- a lovely little table by the stage.

It is a joy to watch and a wonderful experience to be part of. Why would you not make plans to laugh for a couple hours? Go and watch the wonderful Vancouver Theatresports at Granville Island if you haven’t already. There’s a reason they are still going strong since 1980!

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