Theatre Thursdays: Don Juan

1213DonJuan-fullSex, Swords and Satan- what could possibly make for a more entertaining combination? The Gateway Theatre’s current production of Don Juan has all of these plus more- charismatic characters, a colossal set and a classic story. Written by by Moliere in approximately 1682, the story still entertains and is a favourite among audiences today. After all- Don Juan is the man we all love to hate…

Centred around a sex addicted, morality lacking, charismatic central character, the star of the show never ceases to stir feelings of repugnance and revulsion in us all. Handsome as ever with a surprisingly high sex appeal, despite his blatant sleaziness, he certainly knows how to entertain- There’s a reason he is one of the most famous fictional characters written about!

I wonder what it is about certain characters that draw us to a story. Do we love to hate them? I jumped at the chance to see this play, in anticipation of watching the depraved Don Juan debase himself to no end. I cringed at his conduct, groaned at his demeanour, while secretly loving every minute, desperately hoping for him to encounter the woman that will change him forever.

Maybe this is why girls are attracted to ‘bad boys?” And boys those ‘wild girls?’ We know they’re bad for us yet we harbour a secretly strong hope that we are going to be the one to change them, to turn them into a respectable partner. They are the wild, careless and crazy person we wish we could sometimes be and we take pride in shocking ourselves while with them. They are endlessly entertaining, full of surprises and spontaneity and are a welcome break from the dull, simple routine we may currently find ourselves in. Of course these relationships can never last- and they say you can never change a person. But we like to think we can try don’t we?

Well you certainly can’t change Don Juan. And I wouldn’t want to. The production is beautifully done with many funny moments and applaudable acting. Plus it’s playing at one of my favourite theatres- The Gateway Theatre in Richmond, which always provides a pleasant atmosphere and a variety of plays. Don Juan plays until April 27th- Catch it while you can!

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