Theatre Thursdays: My Turquoise Years

my-turquoise-yearsThere’s something very special about a glimpse into someones life, a peek into a particular person’s unique world. Of course that is the very essence of theatre , which aside from offering escapist fantasy strives to mirror truth in everyday events. Acting in turn is the ability to portray believable characters , quite often based on those from real life.

The new production currently on stage at The Arts Club  is just that- a  realistic look back at a select time in a young girls life- a true story written from the author’s own memories.  Originally written as a book, “My Turquoise Years” is written from the point of view of a young girl teetering on the brink of  childhood and adolescence. The play is an awfully sweet and innocent memoir, with a host of interesting characters and crazy family dynamics to boot.

It is certainly an interesting time in a girls life, all the more so without her mother around to coach her through the awkward transition.  Spending her time on cruise ships “like some Hollywood starlet in search of men and money” didn’t leave a whole lot of time for a mother-daughter relationship for Marion Farrant, the playwright. Yet the play reads  for the most part as a feel good comedy, while at the same time provoking sentiment and empathy from the audience.

I love reading biographies and thus enjoy watching memoirs. It’s a special experience to view onstage sometimes the most personal moments of a persons life- I admire the writers tremendously who do it. You can sense the audience’s connection and compassion with the characters who are expressing emotions we have all felt at times, promoting a deeper affinity with the play.

An eclectic, quirky set, and some equally quirky characters, “My Turquoise Years” is a wold premiere and plays at the Arts Club until May 4th. It is a family oriented, feel good, funny, new Canadian production which is enough of a reason alone to go out and support it- oh and I think you’ll really like it as well!

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