Theatre Thursdays: Funny Stuff

12-FS-Home-WebI was initially attracted to this play by its alluding title- I was in the mood for a chuckle and the description of the show as a ‘a crazy collage of song and dance, scenes and stand up – from theatre’s most hilarious shows’ was a major draw factor. It was my first time to Pacific Theatre and was I was pleasantly surprised by its central location. A quirky, intimate space with a small number of friendly people I felt instantly part of an accepting audience.

The play is an amalgamation of assorted scenes, songs and stand up. Improv, dramatic dialogue, choreographed routines, dance and musical numbers are all featured- Everything from group musical numbers to solo stand up- including an array of crazy characters.

I love seeing productions that combine a number of different theatrical genres and artistic forms; it’s always fun watching plays that pull bits and pieces from classic and popular works; I adore seeking out new theatre that exemplifies a unique spin on popular plots. Funny Stuff has aspects of all the above. The audience certainly seemed to emulate the title of the play-laughter was abundant at the opening night this evening.

It was interesting as well to see how Pacific Theatre utilizes their staff in their productions! From what I gathered reading the programme, there were 7 staff members performing in the production! It is nice to see a theatre company so close knit when it comes to producing their plays- they are clearly all involved in many different capacities in the company and extremely passionate about their product. When you have the artistic director, the communications manager and the operations manager acting in the play you know they clearly love what they do. And it shows- it is a spirited production that does what it says- guarantees a laugh or two.

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