Theatre Thursdays: Spring Awakening


Well- I’m certainly glad I didn’t see that play with my parents!  ‘Sexual Awakening’ would be a more merited title! Though the subject matter may prompt a few flushed cheeks and slight seat shifting in individuals, it nonetheless succeeds in its ability to connect with audiences. After all- we were all teenagers once weren’t we?

The play, set in a small German town, centers around a group of teenagers undergoing that awkward and rebellious transition we like to label ‘adolescence.’ Written in 1891, the play encompasses many themes that still remarkably echo in today’s society; sexual desire, self-discovery, and teen rebellion for a start.

The musical production, adapted from the original play written by Frank Wedekind, provides the actors with a platform in which to express themselves and emotionally connect with fellow characters. And the actors do it splendidly- It doesn’t hurt that they all have fabulous voices! Since when do the Studio 58 professional-actors-in-training look so young? They convincingly portray troubled teenagers and are so youthfully invigorating it’s impossible to be bored for even a moment.

The audience, likewise, was comprised for the most part of young students and, I assume, fellow classmates of those on stage. It contributed to a supportive, understanding and attentive atmosphere that made all the more clear the relevance of staging a musical like this today. I wonder if there are enough avenues for teenagers these days to talk about the tumultuous transitions they undergo and address the sometimes ‘taboo’ subjects of sex and depression. A show like this is completely candid in its accurate portrayal of adolescent desires, no matter what the century.

It prompts you to think how far society has come in accepting notions of abortion and homosexuality and shunning others such as child abuse. It makes you thankful to live in this day and age and desire to be accepting of all facets of humanity. These are, after all, ‘liberal minded times’- and thank god for that.

*Spring Awakening plays at Studio 58 until Feb 24th to book tickets click here *

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