Airport Lovin

heathrow-airport-limo-hireI love airports. I really do- I think their fabulous. Probably a good thing seeing as I seem to spend so much time in them… I love the atmosphere, the sense of adventure that awaits, the chaos, and yet the calm structure that exists above it all…

I love arriving early, dropping off my bags and hitting the shops. I love browsing the makeup counters, doing myself up so I  feel like a  fashion model, spraying scents on myself I will never be able to afford.

I love window shopping in Gucci, Armani and Prada. And then straight after going to Boots to buy snacks for the plane. I love killing time reading magazines in the stalls. I adore buying a delicious (and ridiculously overpriced) cup of coffee and simply people watching.

I love plugging in my earphones, blasting my ipod, and strutting through the terminals to my gate. I love checking out the people that are awaiting the same flight as me. I love witnessing ( there’s always one) the frantic arrival of someone who nearly missed their flight.

I love indulging in fast food. McDonalds and Burger King to be specific. I hardly EVER eat either of the two but whenever I’m experiencing a layover in an airport, I immediately turn to one of my two good buddies.

I love duty free- Its where I get all my make up and alcohol. I love the giant boxes of quality street. I love the expectant feeling of embracing that certain someone who is awaiting my arrival somewhere else across the world.

I love walking onto the plane, and just before stepping on catching a glimpse into the cock pit where the pilots are preparing. I love searching for my seat and scoping out my neighbor, deciding then and there if were going to be friends or not. I love looking out the window as the plane takes off. I love immersing myself in the movies. I love the (sometimes) free alcoholic drinks.

I’ve been in many airports throughout the world and have flown countless times, from the time I was a little baby. I thoroughly enjoy this form of travelling and actually look forward to it. Believe it or not, I am actually writing this from a plane right now, not-so-fresh from my second straight day of travelling- and I’m not complaining!

Yesterday, December 10th, I boarded a flight from Bali at 11:55am. It took four hours to get to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. I then had to take a shuttle to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, at which I had a seven hour layover. I then boarded my flight there at 12:55 am, December 11th to fly the 9 hours to Cairo. I then had a four hour layover at Cairo. I am now flying to Heathrow, where I will have a 5hr layover before boarding my flight to Dublin, arriving in at 6pm December 11th. If you count from the time my taxi picked me up from my hostel in Bali, thats 33 hours of travelling – involving four flights and six airports- Yet not a bad two days in my estimation!

I got a lot of writing and reading done, slept well on the flights, did my duty free shopping, only bought two meals the entire journey, and had the lovely expectation of my family to greet me at the airport when I landed. Besides my travel adventures throughout South East Asia being over- who’s complaining?

If you haven’t already, take a moment next time you are in an aiport, sit down and simply be. You will hopefully understand what I am talking about. And, most of all, take advantage of Duty Free!

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2 thoughts on “Airport Lovin

  1. i appreciate the new light you shed on this difficult journey at times 🙂

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