The Ionian Islands: Lefkada


My trip to Greece began in Corfu at the beginning of August. I was going to be joining two friends who were doing a year long camper van trip throughout Europe…with their dog…

Anxious about the weather, the economical situation and living out of a camper van for a month, I arrived mid-day, having had a total of two hours sleep the night before. Groggy, sweaty and excited I dragged myself off the plane, into arrivals, and straight onto the bed in the camper van.

After a refreshing nap, I took to the streets of Corfu for the day, even climbing Angelokastro, a castle situated on the coast of Corfu (highly recommended by the way for a fantastic view of the city). After spending the afternoon in Corfu, we boarded a ferry that evening to get us to the next Ionian island of Lefkada, or Lefkas in English.

The Ionian islands are comprised of seven primary islands off the west coast of Greece. Lefkada is the only one actually connected to the mainland by a bridge and is one of the more popular destinations.

There is a significant reason for this; the beaches. The beaches are, without a doubt, the most stunning, bluest and heavenly stretches of coast I have ever seen. The water is so salty you have little to do but relax, float, and gaze around you at the jutting cliffs, the tanned beach bums, and the tropical fish swimming beneath your feet.

These beaches are decked out- sunbeds, umbrellas, bars, tavernas, cafes, rental shops, you name it. Though usually packed, from sunrise to sunset, they are no less enjoyable for it as the happy atmosphere is palpable. Beware if you have pale skin like mine and use ample amounts of sunscreen!


In terms of travel, I cannot recommend enough driving a camper van. With our van we were able to park literally on the beaches, falling asleep to the sound of the waves and diving into the ocean before breakfast (and the crowds!). Meanwhile, guesthouses that claim to be ‘on the beach’ are a five minute walk away and cost €100 a night!

I would also highly recommend camping while on the island. A wonderful campsite we stayed on was called Poros Beach, again just a stones throw away from the beach, complete with a pool, mini market, bar, bbq, wifi and a beautiful taverna overlooking Poros beach. They even have bungalows you can stay in if your not quite in the mood to rough it!




Lefkada, in essence, is a heavenly and relaxing corner of the world and a great place to visit for that girlie/guys/couples/family beach holiday. Beautiful beaches and buzzing villages, It also happens to host one of the world premier wind surfing spots. Travel by ferry to and from the island (I recommend doing this at night, partly for the cooler weather and partly for the astounding sunsets) and enjoy seeing what it has to offer!

Here is a list of my top five favourite places on the island

1.) Vasiliki – The Wind surfing capital of the island, harbour and port. Stunning place.

2.) Egremni Beach – A well known beach both for its beauty and the colossal trek it takes to get there! 100 % worth it I promise for the most perfectly turqoise water you have ever seen.

3.) Porto Katsiki Beach – look at the below picture. Enough said. One more thing- lovely spot to watch the sunset as you can climb up the cliff to overlook the harbour. It’s also the most famous beach on the island.


4.) Nidri – The islands main tourist resort which boasts some lovely waterfalls and a small village.

5.) Lefkada Town – The capital and largest village on the island. Nice place to explore greek shops and restaurants.

As they say in Greek- Ela- meaning, Come here!!

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8 thoughts on “The Ionian Islands: Lefkada

  1. Paddy-Jo Malpas

    AMAZING! Cannot wait to go myself. The pictures are stunning. I’m so jealous 🙂

  2. fox/barnes

    A very well written and informative article – photos are great, can’t wait to go.

  3. JanS

    5 more days until I fly to Greece, reading your article and seeing your pics make me wanna go NOW 🙂

  4. Nicole

    Beautiful writing Keara!

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