Living in the Moment

Have you ever been in a most perfect moment…blissfully beautiful, serenely peaceful or adrenaline pumping, where absolutely everything surrounding you seems too good to be true?

When it takes the power of humiliation and all your will power to refrain from leaping up and shouting out to the universe THANK YOU for this wonderful moment! While you gaze with infatuation at your environment or the person beside you and think nothing could ever be better than this? You feel that powerful surge in your heart, of infinite happiness, peace and excitement and feel unworthy yet extremely grateful to be living this life, basking in the all encompassing feeling of utter contentment.

I have experienced many moments like these. I hope everyone reading this has otherwise what is the point of living? I would like to believe these are the moments we live for, those of us who have the luxury of happiness that is.

Meaningful moments such as these have included the beautiful sights of the many wondrous places I have traveled to, those loving and tender times shared with my partner, family and friends, and those extreme instances where I’ve been racing down a hill on my skis or or jumping out of an airplane, when my body has been so filled with adrenaline and fear I had no choice but to pour my entire soul into those few seconds.

But can you ever really do it? Be one hundred percent completely immersed in a moment? As I sit here writing I am gazing out over the most beautiful of beaches in Lefkada, Greece. The scenery here is so stunning I find I spend half my time just taking it all in. I engross myself in these beautiful moments, savouring and delighting in them, but sometimes I find my mind drifting.

The truth is, I sometimes struggle with living completely in a moment. My mind wanders, allows slivers of thought from my past or present to sneak their way in. I wonder if this is a common ocurrence or just a personal struggle. I could be enjoying the most beautiful sunset and my mind will start to relive the sunsets of my past, or what I am planning to do after.

Maybe it is impossible to shut the world out entirely- maybe it’s not. It would involve temporarily removing your memories, your dreams, your judgements and your instincts. We all know that is not an easy feat.

Either way I seek to live my life for these sublime instances, and hope they are never far and few between.

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