My Travel Goals

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to quite a few countries already and have completed many of my goals. I inherited my love of traveling from my parents, who respectively emigrated from England and Ireland to Canada.

They have taken my brother and I on many family trips throughout the years, yet have also given us ample opportunities to explore the world ourselves. Here is a list of what I have yet to complete..

1. Stand on all seven continents

2. Go skydiving

3. Go Bungee Jumping

4. Swim with Great Whites in South Africa

5. Go Surfing

6. Go Ziplining

7. Go on an African Safari

8. Take a cruise down the Nile River

9. Ride an Elephant

10. Go White water rafting

11. Ride the Trans Siberian Railway

12. Climb to the Base camp of Mount Everest

13. Fly first class

14. Go Scuba Diving

15. Sleep in an igloo

16. Travel alone

17. Spend a weekend at a music festival

18. Drive a motorcycle

19. Go on a road trip

20. Volunteer in a third world country 

21. Ride a camel

22. Sleep in a desert

23. Sail around the Greek islands

24. Climb the Eiffel Tower

25. Party it up German style at Oktoberfest

26. Go on a cruise to Alaska

27. Go whale watching

28. Go to a full moon party in Thailand

29. Eat authentic spanish tapas in Spain

30. Eat a variety of  bugs  (also eaten kangaroo, possum, camel and cobra)

31. Attend a Greek tragedy in Delphi

32. Stretch my way through a yoga retreat

33. Relax in a natural hot spring

32. Go Blackwater rafting-was scheduled to go in New Zealand but it was cancelled due to cave flooding!!:(

33. Swim in a cave

34. Work in Theatre in New York

35. See a play in the National Theatre, London (And it was the best play I’ve ever seen: Phaedra starring Helen Mirren)

36. Climb the Great Wall of China

37. Go cliff Jumping

38. Climb Machu Picchu

39. Drink coffee in Java

40. Go on a night safari in Singapore

41. Go Dog Sledding

42. Ski in the Alps

43. Trek and sleep in the Amazon

44. Spend New Years in NYC

45. Scuba Dive in Australia

46. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

47. Ride in a Helicopter

48. Visit the Pyramids

49. Float in the Dead Sea

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6 thoughts on “My Travel Goals

  1. mira

    Can I help you with some of these!?

  2. Crabbcake

    Amazing list, mine are very very similar! In fact road trip one will soon be ‘crossed off’ for you missy Barnes

  3. I KNOW! and the sailing around the greek islands:) Cant wait!!

  4. Damn this is a big list! Fly first class is DEFINITELY on my “things to do before 30” list, as well as the continents (but not Antarctica, I have zero interest in it). Hope you can achieve some more of these – would make some great blog posts to read 🙂

  5. Hey Tom!

    Thanks for reading:) I have definite plans to complete more of them in the next couple months so you can def look forward to some more posts! Cheers.

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