Cead Mile Failte; A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Seeking: adventure, culture, unique experiences, laughter, thrills, beauty, fun, delectable cuisine, jungles, friends, stories, locals, pumping adrenaline, history, long journeys, music, deserts, stars, memories, caves, knowledge, animals, nature, mountains, photos, to see the world one county at a time. Welcome to my Blog!

I’m excited to share my adventures abroad with you! I created this blog as a way to connect with other travel and theatre lovers out there, to share my experiences, travel tips and lessons learned, and to keep my family and friends updated on what I’ve been doing.

I’ve left my carefully constructed life behind to embark on a long term traveling adventure. I want to engross myself in the culture of other civilizations. I want to witness the beauty and learn the history of far away countries. I want to meet the locals, taste the cuisine, and take part in the customs. I want to explore the world.

Having studied and worked in the ‘The Business we like to call Show Business’ for the past seven years I am seeking to deepen my passion and enrich my knowledge of International Theatre. I plan on attending international productions, getting involved with local companies, and helping youth across the world through theatre. I have experience in acting, marketing, press, and theatre-in-education and I am extremely passionate about community engagement with the theatre. I will be writing about my theatrical experiences abroad and seek to expand my knowledge and utilize my skills.

I hope you follow this curious canadian and her crazy travel theatrics 🙂

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